Beauties of Oxford

Good afternoon everybody,

Today I’ll show you some of my favourite places in Oxford: streets and buildings..

Let’s start with one of the most emblematic places in the city: The Radcliffe Camera.

Radcliffe Camera2

This building belongs to the University Of Oxford. Originally the library had both scientific and general books, but those collections were gradually moved to other University libraries, so that today the Camera functions as a reading room of the Bodleian Library. Just below there is an underground book-store, built in 1912, connected by a subway with the Old Library, which contains around 600,000 books.

As I mentioned in the text above, The Radcliffe Camera is connected to the Bodleian Library. Well, this is the main research library in Oxford and one of the oldest libraries in Europe. It has over 11 million writings, so imagine its extension. It’s an impressive building of beautiful architecture. The inside reminds me of the library from the movie “The Beauty and the Beast”.

The outside of the Bodleian Library

The outside of the Bodleian Library

And to finish this post I will speak about the centric street called Cornmarket. Even though is always full of people, it’s one of the streets I like to walk the most. You can find almost anything: clothes, mobiles, soaps, movies and cd’s. But even full of shops and fast food restaurants is also full of art. You can listen to any kind of music, played by many kinds of people, as well as mime artists, one man dressed with a rabbit costume (a bit creepy in my opinion, but children love him) who makes soap bubbles, carol singers in Christmas.. Besides, in this street there is one of the entrances of the Covered Market, a beautiful old market where you can either buy food or enjoy having breakfast or lunch in one of their lovely restaurants inside. Or even try a Ben Cookie. But I will explain a bit more of it in further posts.

Here you can see the human rabbit riding his bike

Here you can see the human bunny riding his bike

2 little artists

2 little artists

Although Oxford is a very small city, I could walk and walk thousand times through the same places, as all of them are charming, as the whole city is. I strongly recommend you all to come and visit this wonderful place full of magic and wisdom.

You’ll hear from me soon! Have a great day!


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