Vienna – Part 2

Hello hello!

I will continue now with the next post about Vienna. In the past post I spoke about music and food, today it will be about art venues and distinctive places of the city.

Let’s start with it’s city centre. You will find here the beautiful “Stephansdom”, the cathedral of St Stephan, located in Stephansplatz. As an interesting fact, the famous musician Antonio Vivaldi’s funeral was held here. It’s an amazing, beautiful building of gothic style. It was damaged, as many of other important buildings, during the World War II but the damages were inmediately repaired and was fully reopened in 1952.

Everytime I entered in it I felt in peace. I used to go there when I needed time to think about my life. Even though is always full of tourists, the atmosphere is relaxed and calm. You can also take a tour through the cathedral and the catacombs, and to visit the two towers, for 5€.



Crossing the “Graben”, a beautiful street full of shops, cafés and bookshops, and walking through “Kohlmarkt”, where the famous café Demel is located, you arrive to the Hofburg. The Hofburg is a palace, currently serving as residence of the President of Austria, used by the Hasburgs as winter residence. It comprises different sections, one of them consists of 2 of the most important museums in Vienna: The Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Naturhistorisches Museum, the Art’s history and Nature’s history museums.

Another of the sections is the “Nationalbibliothek”, the National Library, the largest library in Austria. Inside of the library one can find different collections, like the Papyrus museum or the Globe museum.







Kunsthistorisches Museum

Kunsthistorisches Museum

Another historic monument is Karlskirche, Charles’s church, located in Karlsplatz. The church is cared by a religious order called ‘the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star’. It was built on what was then the bank of the River Wien. The history says that in 1713 the Black Plague swept through Vienna. Emperor Charles VI made a vow: if the plague left the city, he would build a church dedicated to his namesake, St. Charles Borromeo.



And to finish with Vienna, I will talk to you about one of the most beautiful and magic palaces in Austria, in my point of view: The Schloss Belvedere. That palace complex was built as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy. It was built during a period of extensive construction in Vienna, which was both the imperial capital and home to the Hasburg dynasty. It consists in 2 parts, the Upper and Lower Belvedere and it’s considered one of the best baroque buildings in Austria. The Upper Belvedere is currently showing an art collection of Gustav Klimt. The Lower Belvedere places the prince’s chambers and the stables.

Belvedere and its gardens

Belvedere and its gardens

Definitely an indispensable place to visit.

My brain is not working anymore. I hope you enjoyed that virtual tour through Vienna. If you are thinking to visit Wien or want some tips about it, do not hesitate to let me know 😉

Good night everybody!!



8 thoughts on “Vienna – Part 2

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  2. Oh, what a wave of nostalgia your post evokes! When I was there, I passed by the Graben, Hofburg, Kohlmarkt and Michaelerplatz so often that I’ve lost count how many times, hehe.

      • Wow!! I went back in may and I would like to go again at the end of the year, I loved Christmas there, with the Christkindlmarkts…aiiiish! What is your profession?

      • Ahh, die Christkindlmärkte, that’s one of the things on my bucket list! I was at this year’s Easter Market though.

        I am a PhD student in Psychology, what about you? Actually I knew Tiago from a conference in Vienna… he was the one who gave me the link to your blog.

      • Ahhhhhh! He told me about you but didn’t know that this was you! Jajaj so nice to meet you 🙂 so, you definitely have to go in christmas, ist one of the best seasons to go, even though it’s very cold, it’s amazing. I will definitely come back, I’ve got friends there as well and I kind of miss them 😛
        Wow..PhD must be travelling around the world going to conferences, aren’t you? I’m going to start my master now, maybe after it I will do a PhD.

      • Jajaja, nice to meet you too 🙂 Encantada! Hablo tambien español pero he olvidado mucho desde que he aprendido aleman. The pictures of the christmas markets look amazing! And if there is snow, all the better, ’cause I’ve never experienced snow 😀

        Ah, I wish, I wish 🙂 So far I’ve been to two. All the best with your masters and whatever the future brings!!!

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