La bella Italia – Italian trip part 1

Hi again travellers!

This time I will show you my trip to one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, in my opinion: Italy.

On the last week of June I took a tour, with a friend of mine, through 4 different cities of this country: Verona, Trento, Padova and Venezia. We flew to Verona, where we rented a car to travel from one city to the other. The whole trip took 6 days. I saw so beautiful landscapes, ate wonderful food and met very nice, fun and interesting people.

So, as I said, the first stop was Verona. We landed there, we went to take the car, which by the way was so difficult to get, as we had problems with the rental company, and we started our way to the hotel. We could not lose time, as we were going to be in Verona only for 1 day and night. Verona, is most known by its amphitheatre and because in it it’s located Juliet’s house, from Shakespeare’s drama “Romeo and Juliet”.

It’s a city full of charm, considered a world heritage site by the UNESCO.


We walked for 1.5h from the hotel to the city centre. It was a pleasant walk, but we were starving and it was too hot (used to live in Oxford with its cold weather..). The outskirts of the city are not really nice, but once you cross the Portoni della Bra, the gate from where you enter to the city, everything changes. Then you travel back in time of the roman empire, when you meet the Arena di Verona, an amphitheatre built in the first century AC (not sure which year). It’s now used for operas and theatre performances. The entrance is 6€, a bit expensive in my opinion, but it’s a place you need to visit if you go to Verona.


Portoni della Bra



Panoramic view of the Arena

Panoramic view of the Arena

We met here a very nice Gladiator. And very funny. He wanted to take a picture with both of us, and he explained to us a little bit of his life alternating with some funny facts, which I can’t remember anymore. Here there’s a picture of me with him. Nice experience.


After the visit of this wonderful building we walked around the city. Oh, what a beautiful city. There was music everywhere, it was like being in an italian movie. It was full of people, but still not overwhelming. The streets with their old buildings and some of their corners are charming. The smell of pizza on the streets, oh…I’m getting hungry, just remembering it. Some other streets are magic. Restaurants with their terraces, gelato and antiques shops, their vespas…There is even a mini train that shows the city!

The famous italian Vespa

The famous italian Vespa

Touring mini train

Touring mini train



Cute terrace of a restaurant

Cute terrace of a restaurant

And to end the day, and the stay in Verona, we ended up in the crowded Casa di Giulietta, Juliet’s house. The entrance to get in the house is a tunnel full of signatures and hearts’ drawings. We didn’t enter inside of the house, just stayed in the patio, where there is a statue of Juliet and where you can see the balcony that identifies the famous story. I think the price is too expensive (6.50€) and not too worthy to spend.

The famous balcony

The famous balcony


And here ends the first part of that journey to Italy. I could not imagine how long it was going to be speaking about Verona, as we only stayed 1 day, but it seems that we saw lots of things. We had been awake for about 20 hours when we went to sleep. That was a long long day, but we made the most of it.

Hope you enjoy the “walk” through this beautiful city!

Next post: Trento and its surroundings 🙂



4 thoughts on “La bella Italia – Italian trip part 1

  1. Preciosa entrada! y lo mejor de todo!me siento orgullosa de mi misma por haberlo entendido todo!!!
    Y me veo que tendremos que hacer esta ruta Italiana!! que bonito!! Va a ser verdad que todo el país merece la pena, porque Toscana tampoco tiene desperdicio!!!
    Mil gracias por hacernos soñar y viajar a través de tus post!!

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